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October 29 2017


BAFTA Scotland


Cait and Sam presenting next Sunday Nov 5 at BAFTA Scotland. Livestream on their Facebook page

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Hogwarts Houses common rooms in Halloween season 

October 28 2017

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Happy Halloween!!

What is Claire Fraser?  On more than one occasion Jamie says she is an “Old One” (or Auld One, aka, fairy).  She is also called a ”Ban-Sidhe” (woman from the fairies), La Dame Blanche, a white lady, white witch, healer, conjure woman, and “White Raven.”

We aren’t the only ones who know Claire is special, and we suspect Jamie has some abilities of his own, too!

October 26 2017




Behind the Scenes of the Harper’s Bazaar Fic Thing

Now that both videos have been posted, here’s a little insight into how @bonnie-wee-swordsman and I got here.

Back in the middle of September I got a vague message from someone at Harper’s Bazaar saying they wanted to talk to me about something that had to do with my Outlander fanfiction. There were no more details than that, just looking to see if it was okay for them to email me more information. I immediately messaged @bonnie-wee-swordsman. Literally, she was the first person I texted. I didn’t hear back from Harper’s Bazaar until Monday and when I did, I FREAKED (again, a lot of it was directed at Bon). I was told that an excerpt from Written in the Stones had been chosen by Cait and Sam to read for this video they wanted to release to celebrate Print Shop and that the fics/excerpts they had chosen were of reunions. 

Two days later, Bon texted that they’d reached out to her too about A Hundred Lesser Faces. So for the last MONTH we’ve been quietly (and not so quietly) freaking out as we counted down the days till the video was going to post. We were told it would go up on the 22nd - the same day the episode would drop. It was supposed to be both together and then Friday everything became 100x more exciting and chaotic. Cause the video with Sam and Cait reading A Hundred Lesser Faces seemed to have been posted sometime in the wee hours of the morning… except it turned out it was a leak. And Harper’s Bazaar’s plans for the video(s) changed. They quickly and officially released the video of Bon’s fic through the proper channels and had to figure out what to do with the video that included the reading of Written in the Stones. Though there was discussion of holding back and releasing it with a later episode this season, ultimately the decision was to spread out the videos and interview they were originally going to post Sunday over several days. 

So it’s been an agonizing month of waiting followed by an emotional and CRAZY last few days, but I’m so excited everyone finally got to see this thing that still doesn’t feel real and that I’m SO thrilled and honored to have been a part of and I couldn’t have asked to go through it all with a better friend than @bonnie-wee-swordsman. Getting to be a part of the whole print shop experience in this way is beyond anything I ever could have expected and just… there aren’t words for it. 

Love this so much!! You guys had amazing stories, just so cool getting to see them be read out by them! CONGRATS!!

Thanks for sharing the details, and congrats to both of you!!!

October 25 2017


Outlander's Caitriona & Sam Read More of Your Reunion Fan Fiction


CONGRATS TO @lenny9987​!!! Sam and Caitriona reading a passage from her “Written Through the Stones” series!


Last week, we shared a little preview of Claire and Jamie’s long-awaited Outlanderreunion with the show’s stars, Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan, reading your fan fiction envisioning the big moment. Now that we’ve finally digested (and watched and re-watched) Sunday’s print shop episode, Balfe and Heughan are back for round two. This time, the fan fiction—“Written in the Stones,” by Lenny9987—imagines what would happen if, 10 years after their separation, Jamie accidentally fell through the standing stones—then decided to find Claire and their child on his own. Balfe and Heughan’s dramatic narration features the Outlander stars swapping their roles (and accents), a surprise appearance from Mrs. Graham, and a few inadvertent appendage innuendoes…


Hopefully, the video will hold you over until Sunday, when the series picks up right after last episode’s cliffhanger. Now that Claire and Jamie have vowed to stay together forever, what comes next? Heughan teased the upcoming episodes in a recent interview with BAZAAR.com: “[Jamie] has some secrets, and things have happened that he kind of doesn’t want to tell her because he’s terrified to lose her again… There’s still some unfinished business.” And after that, the show heads to sea. Balfe also teased the final episodes of Season 3, shot in South Africa, telling us, “It was just such a new environment, the ship was gimbaling and we had rats and fake vomit. It was really exciting.” We’re so ready.

Congrats, @lenny9987!  

October 24 2017


Brit Marling on Harvey Weinstein and the Economics of Consent - The Atlantic



Powerful article

The economics of consent vs economic exile. A must read.

October 12 2017

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|| Outlander, S3.5, “Freedom & Whisky”

Go get your man, girl.  Doctor’s orders.

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|| Outlander S3.5, “Freedom & Whisky”

October 11 2017

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|| Outlander, S3.5, “Freedom & Whisky”

Imagine how nervous Claire must be, having no idea what might really happen once she finds Jamie.

October 10 2017


I so, so, SO hope we see this in 03x06



“The question is, Sassenach, why have ye come back?” he said softly.

“That’s a hell of a question to ask me!” My palms pressed flat against the rough wood of the door. “Why do you think I came back, damn you?”

“I dinna ken.” The soft Scottish voice was cool, but even in the dim light, I could see the pulse throbbing in the open throat of his shirt.

“Did ye come to be my wife again? Or only to bring me word of my daughter?”

As though he sensed that his nearness unnerved me, he turned away suddenly, moving toward the window, where the shutters creaked in the wind.

“You are the mother of my child — for that alone, I owe ye my soul — for the knowledge that my life hasna been in vain — that my child is safe.” He turned again to face me, blue eyes intent.

“But it has been a time, Sassenach, since you and I were one. You’ll have had your life — then — and I have had mine here. You‟ll know nothing of what I’ve done, or been. Did ye come now because ye wanted to — or because ye felt ye must?”

– Voyager

Yes @gotham-ruaidh, basically all of chapter 25 will be just fine. 

October 09 2017



i’m over this Cool Tumblr Trend™ of making your entire internet experience about something you hate. take a deep breath and throw yourself wholeheartedly into something you enjoy. don’t let hate wear you out.

October 07 2017


stinking papists


“Why did you call me William James?” Willie asked curiously. “My other names are Clarence Henry George.” He made a face; Clarence wasn’t his idea of a good name.

Jamie hid a smile. “Ye get a new name when you’re baptized; James is your special Papist name. It’s mine, too.”

“It is?” Willie was delighted. “I’m a stinking Papist now, like you?”

“Aye, as much as I can manage, at least.” He smiled down at Willie, then, struck by another impulse, reached into the neck of his shirt.

“Here. Keep this, too, to remember me by.” He laid the beechwood rosary gently over Willie’s head. “Ye canna let anyone see that, though,” he warned. “And for God’s sake, dinna tell anyone you’re a Papist.”

– Voyager

Willie‘s mouth worked, soundless with shock. He looked wildly at me, back at Jamie, back at me—and saw the truth in my face.

“Who are you?” he said hoarsely, wheeling on Jamie.

I saw Jamie draw himself slowly upright, ignoring the noise below.

“James Fraser,” he said. His eyes were fixed on William with a burning intensity, as though to absorb every vestige of a sight he would not see again. “Ye kent me once as Alex MacKenzie. At Helwater.”

William blinked, blinked again, and his gaze shifted momentarily to John. “And who—who the bloody hell am I?” he demanded, the end of the question rising in a squeak.

John opened his mouth, but it was Jamie who answered.

“You are a stinking Papist,” he said, very precisely, “and your baptismal name is James.” The ghost of regret crossed his face and then was gone. “It was the only name I had a right to give ye,” he said quietly, eyes on his son. “I‘m sorry.”

– An Echo In The Bone

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October 04 2017


Jamie & St. Anthony



(post by @gotham-ruaidh and @saint-hildegard-of-bingen)
Near the end of episode 304, just before Jamie leaves Helwater, and Willie, this poignant scene occurs, much as it happened in Voyager. Jamie places on a makeshift altar a few special things he had hidden away, among them a statue of St Anthony of Padua holding a child. Anthony is well know as the Patron Saint of Lost Things, a good tie in to the title of this episode. What may be less well-known about Anthony is that the child he is holding is Jesus. Statues of Anthony and the child Jesus can be found all around the world, even in the most remote locations…even in a village in the bush of northern Madagascar, as seen by one of us.

Anthony of Padua was a 13th century Franciscan priest, known throughout Italy for his depth of kindness, his outreach and care for the poor, as well as for his preaching skills. Anthony carrying the imaginary God-child, imaginary only in that Jesus died hundreds of years before Anthony was born, reflects not only a love for children, but on a deeper level it reflects the child in each of us, as well as our vulnerability and humility, our joy and littleness, our need for others to love and care for us.

The subtext in the tender scene between Jamie and Willie is that St. Anthony - the patron saint of lost things - is cradling a child. As Jamie reminds Dunsany at the beginning of the episode, he has already lost two children - and in this scene with Willie, he is just about to lose yet another.

Jamie has a need to love and care for others - his children, Jenny and Ian and their family, Murtagh, the Lallybroch tenants, Claire - but for the most part, his life has denied him that opportunity. So the only way he can love and care for them is to hold them in his heart, and ask for the intercession of St. Anthony - who can see everyone and everything that he can’t.  It is as though Jamie imagines St. Anthony holding his dear ones close, protecting them, sheltering them, and watching over them.

Sharing our analysis - thanks @saint-hildegard-of-bingen for the lovely idea! 😙

October 02 2017


Outlander 03x04 Of Lost Things


This is and was always going to be a divisive episode. I feel the need to warn that I enjoyed the episode tremendously. It wasn’t my favorite but there was so much about how things were handled that I loved and appreciated that it far outweighed the scenes and moments where I was disappointed. So if you hated this episode and don’t see that changing any time soon, if reading a positive review is only going to upset you more, feel free to skip this post. We ALL have episodes that we need to pretend didn’t happen (*cough* Fox’s Lair *cough*). Know that this episode is over, you never have to watch it again if you don’t want to, and we’re one episode closer to print shop. 

For everyone else, I’ve got SO MUCH to say and flail about below the cut and I think I’ll start with Isobel Dunsany, my biggest surprise of the episode.

Keep reading

I agree with EVERY word.  Thanks for putting to words what is on my mind, @lenny9987.

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I need to post under this gif set the book part:

Fraser turned to him with sudden decision. “Will ye walk with me?” he said. Not pausing for an answer, he set off past the stable, turning down the lane that led from the paddock to the lower pasture. It was nearly a quarter-mile before he came to a halt, in a sunny clearing by a clump of willows, near the edge of the mere. Grey found himself puffing slightly from the quick pace—too much soft living in London, he chided himself. Fraser, of course, was not even sweating, despite the warmth of the day. Without preamble, turning to face Grey, he said, “I wish to ask a favor of ye.” The slanted blue eyes were direct as the man himself. “If you think I would tell anyone…” Grey began, then shook his head. “Surely you don’t think I could do such a thing. After all, I have known—or at least suspected—for some time.” “No.” A faint smile lifted Jamie’s mouth. “No, I dinna think ye would. But I would ask ye…” “Yes,” Grey said promptly. The corner of Jamie’s mouth twitched. “Ye dinna wish to know what it is first?” “I should imagine that I know; you wish me to look out for Willie; perhaps to send you word of his welfare.” Jamie nodded. “Aye, that’s it.” He glanced up the slope, to where the house lay half-hidden in its nest of fiery maples. “It’s an imposition, maybe, to ask ye to come all the way from London to see him now and then.” “Not at all,” Grey interrupted. “I came this afternoon to give you some news of my own; I am to be married.” “Married?” The shock was plain on Fraser’s face. “To a woman?” “I think there are not many alternatives,” Grey replied dryly. “But yes, since you ask, to a woman. To the Lady Isobel.” “Christ, man! Ye canna do that!” “I can,” Grey assured him. He grimaced. “I made trial of my capacity in London; be assured that I shall make her an adequate husband. You needn’t necessarily enjoy the act in order to perform it—or perhaps you were aware of that?” There was a small reflexive twitch at the corner of Jamie’s eye; not quite a flinch, but enough for Grey to notice. Jamie opened his mouth, then closed it again and shook his head, obviously thinking better of what he had been about to say. “Dunsany is growing too old to take a hand in the running of the estate,” Grey pointed out. “Gordon is dead, and Isobel and her mother cannot manage the place alone. Our families have known each other for decades. It is an entirely suitable match.” “Is it, then?” The sardonic skepticism in Jamie’s voice was clear. Grey turned to him, fair skin flushing as he answered sharply. “It is. There is more to a marriage than carnal love. A great deal more.” Fraser swung sharply away. He strode to the edge of the mere, and stood, boots sunk in the reedy mud, looking over the ruffled waves for some time. Grey waited patiently, taking the time to unribbon his hair and reorder the thick blond mass. At long last, Fraser came back, walking slowly, head down as though still thinking. Face-to-face with Grey he looked up again. “You are right,” he said quietly. “I have no right to think ill of you, if ye mean no dishonor to the lady.” “Certainly not,” Grey said. “Besides,” he added more cheerfully, “it means I will be here permanently, to see to Willie.” “You mean to resign your commission, then?” One copper eyebrow flicked upward. “Yes,” Grey said. He smiled, a little ruefully. “It will be a relief, in a way. I was not meant for army life, I think.” Fraser seemed to be thinking. “I should be…grateful, then,” he said, “if you would stand as stepfather to—to my son.” He had likely never spoken the word aloud before, and the sound of it seemed to shock him. “I…would be obliged to you.” Jamie sounded as though his collar were too tight, though in fact his shirt was open at the throat. Grey looked curiously at him, and saw that his countenance was slowly turning a dark and painful red. “In return…If you want…I mean, I would be willing to…that is…” Grey suppressed the sudden desire to laugh. He laid a light hand on the big Scot’s arm, and saw Jamie brace himself not to flinch at the touch. “My dear Jamie,” he said, torn between laughter and exasperation. “Are you actually offering me your body in payment for my promise to look after Willie?” Fraser’s face was red to the roots of his hair. “Aye, I am,” he snapped, tight-lipped. “D’ye want it, or no?” At this, Grey did laugh, in long gasping whoops, finally having to sit down on the grassy bank in order to recover himself. “Oh, dear God,” he said at last, wiping his eyes. “That I should live to hear an offer like that!” Fraser stood above him, looking down, the morning light silhouetting him, lighting his hair in flames against the pale blue sky. Grey thought he could see a slight twitch of the wide mouth in the darkened face—humor, tempered with a profound relief. “Ye dinna want me, then?” Grey got to his feet, dusting the seat of his breeches. “I shall probably want you to the day I die,” he said matter-of-factly. “But tempted as I am—” He shook his head, brushing wet grass from his hands. “Do you really think that I would demand—or accept—any payment for such a service?” he asked. “Really, I should feel my honor most grossly insulted by that offer, save that I know the depth of feeling which prompted it.” “Aye, well,” Jamie muttered. “I didna mean to insult ye.” Grey was not sure at this point whether to laugh or cry. Instead, he reached a hand up and gently touched Jamie’s cheek, fading now to its normal pale bronze. More quietly, he said, “Besides, you cannot give me what you do not have.” Grey felt, rather than saw, the slight relaxation of tension in the tall body facing him. “You shall have my friendship,” Jamie said softly, “if that has any value to ye.” “A very great value indeed.” The two men stood silent together for a moment, then Grey sighed and turned to look up at the sun. “It’s getting late. I suppose you will have a great many things to do today?” Jamie cleared his throat. “Aye, I have. I suppose I should be about my business.” “Yes, I suppose so.” Grey tugged down the points of his waistcoat, ready to go. But Jamie lingered awkwardly a moment, and then, as though suddenly making up his mind to it, stepped forward and bending down, cupped Grey’s face between his hands. Grey felt the big hands warm on the skin of his face, light and strong as the brush of an eagle’s feather, and then Jamie Fraser’s soft wide mouth touched his own. There was a fleeting impression of tenderness and strength held in check, the faint taste of ale and fresh-baked bread. Then it was gone, and John Grey stood blinking in the brilliant sun. “Oh,” he said. Jamie gave him a shy, crooked smile. “Aye, well,” he said. “I suppose I’m maybe not poisoned.” He turned then, and disappeared into the screen of willows, leaving Lord John Grey alone by the mere. - Voyager, Chapter 59 “In which much is revealed”

October 01 2017


taking power back


Hear me out.

That Scene with Geneva occurs because Jamie is powerless. But once they’re in the room together, he slowly takes power back, and by the end is in full control.

She calls him Jamie. He refuses - insists she call him Alex.

She asks him to disrobe. He does - but then says she can watch. Asks her to look upon him - to touch him - and then guides her hands to his body. Forcing her to see - and feel - the direct consequences of her actions. Forcing her to participate.

She is unsure - and he reassures her.

He gives her instruction during the act.

When it’s over, he tells her - TELLS her - she does not feel love for him. Then he sits up and throws her clothes at her - clearly the encounter is over.

Jamie dictates the ground rules. Jamie decides when to begin, how to do it, and how to end. And by the end, we see Jamie is completely in control of a situation that is completely beyond his control.

Taking - regaining - power, even when he has so little to begin with.

Reclaiming just a little bit of what was taken from him.

Perfect description, @gotham-ruaidh, and this scene was a vast improvement over the original book version.  When all is done, it is clear Jamie is thinking about Claire and what they shared.  We need to remember that at this point Jamie has given up all hope of ever seeing Claire again.  He does the best he can under extremely difficult circumstances, allowing Geneva to maintain her dignity as well as regaining his own.  Would we expect Jamie to be any less a gentleman?  (Bravo to Hannah James for her portrayal of Geneva.)

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Season 5 Premieres Nov. 29 [x]

September 30 2017


New XKit 7.8.0



Welcome to the future! New XKit 7.8.0 is a comprehensive update of our base extension for Firefox, Chrome, and Safari with a bunch of improvements. New XKit is now fully a WebExtension on both Firefox and Chrome, which allows us to share the browser support code between both platforms. Most importantly, this means that your XKit will continue working on Firefox Quantum.

New XKit 7.8.0 should be automatically downloaded for you through your browser’s normal update process.

Note for Firefox users: You must already have New XKit 7.7.7 or higher for your data to be automatically transferred to 7.8.0. If you have a lower version, download 7.7.7′s xpi first at its release page. If you run into any trouble, follow the steps in this new-xkit-support post.

Also for Firefox users: If you have problems with One-Click Postage after updating, don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. Check out this post on new-xkit-support for more information.

Don’t want to wait for your XKit to automatically update? Check out 7.8.0′s release page for the version of XKit suitable for your browser.

As always, if you have any questions, you can stop by our live support chat (on Discord), swing by our always open ask box, or even send us fan mail!

We made a point release (7.8.1) this afternoon to fix a critical bug in Firefox memory/RAM usage. If you were experiencing high memory usage when browsing individual blog pages (not the dashboard), you should update to this release to fix the problem.


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