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June 27 2017

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Thank you, Cait. 👊

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Outlander BTS pics from Metin Huseyin

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WHAT: Valentino Ballet Fever Velvet Ankle-Wrap Sandals
WHERE: Hotel Carlton in Cannes
WHEN: May, 2016

WORN WITH: Valentino Dress

June 26 2017


It’s Our Birthday!!!





Imagineclaireandjamie turns TWO today !

We’re LOVING being two: learning new words, sorting shapes and colors, pointing to things in books, getting the hang of make-believe, and putting sentences together. 

Thank you for letting us blow cake in your faces every day at 12:00 EST. 

We love having you at the party! 


The Birthday Mods

Happy birthday to us! Thanks for being the best birthday gifts that we writers could ask for! 💕💕

Happy Birthday! Thanks for being queens of the fandom <3

Happy birthday, lovelies!

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biancahoh On the one day you decide that you’re just gonna wear whatever + zero makeup, you trek Buda Hills sweating like nobodays business, your best friend drags you into a supermarket to buy fruit, and you meet @samheughan 🤦🏻‍♀️🙍🏻🤦🏻‍♀️
He is the nicest person ever - a great guy on screen and off screen. Even bothered to ask @funwitha_g and I what our names were, shake our hands, and ask what we were doing in Budapest.😱

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Sam Heughan + Caitriona Balfe | Behind the Scenes of the Emmy Magazine Cover Shoot

Outlander actor Sam Heughan reveals some of his favourite whiskies - Scotsman Food and Drink



Outlander star Sam Heughan picks out some of his favourite whiskies that are perfect for enjoying while watching the show. Ahead of the UK launch of the hit TV show Outlander, a time-travel drama based on the massively popular series of novels by Diana Gabaldon, we asked its leading star Sam Heughan to pick out some of his favourite Scottish whiskies. Here are his choices, each of which are perfect for a spot of time-travelling (or you know, for sharing with your friends as you sit back and enjoy the show).

Sam, who is a huge fan of Scotch whisky, said: “I wanted to choose a few whiskies that were easily purchased, no matter where in the world or what time period you are in.”

Talisker 10-year-old (From the isle of Skye) 


 Whisky Exchange Sam says: “A place with faerie glens and magic stones. “Tasting this transports me back to when I first visited my favourite (and the rather magical) Isle.” 

Oban 14-year-old (From Oban, Argyll): 


Whisky Exchange Sam says: “Easily quaffable, rich and sweet. The very first whisky I tried (thinking I was very ‘grown up’) and really loved. “Tasting it now reminds me of when I was much, much younger! Also reported one of the oldest distilleries in Scotland, a taste of the past..” 

Laphroaig 21 – friends of Laphroig edition (From Islay): 


Sam says: “I was lucky to attend the 200th anniversary of Laphroaig on Islay, the unique smokey isle. “In attendance was Iain Henderson (former head distiller) who laid down the barrels of this special wee bottle – that we got to taste 21 years later – a true time travelling whisky.” Sam adds: “Speaking of time travel, I’m looking to the future! I predict The Great Glen Company will produce some super delicious heritage and contemporary whiskies… Watch this space!”

Read more at: http://foodanddrink.scotsman.com/drink/outlander-actor-sam-heughan-reveals-his-favourite-whiskies/




How the setting looks in my head:

How the description comes out on the page:

Okay so, bit of advice:

Break it down into its basic elements. What do we got? Mountains, clouds, field, water, sky.

What are the simple descriptions we can use that will immediately get across this concept in the least amount of words possible? Snow-capped mountains. Drifting clouds. Clear skies. Flowering fields. Pristine lake.

Character looked out and saw flowering fields, broken up by the mirror surface of a pristine lake. Fluffy clouds drifted below clear skies, close enough that it seemed like Character could reach out and touch them. Snow-capped mountains bordered the horizon.

If you want, you can then throw in some sensory information to round it out. What’s the air like, what’s the temperature, can one hear the wind blowing through the grass, or birds singing, etc, etc. You don’t want the reader to feel like they’re looking at a picture, you want them to feel like they’re standing in it, so sensory information is usually better at getting that across. If it doesn’t matter to the story how many mountain peaks are in the distance, then leave that to the reader’s imagination. What you really want is for your words to evoke the same feeling that the picture does.

And style, obviously, can come into play, and make things more flowery, or less. To add in more details, just lengthen the list of elements you want to describe, like including more about the flowers or grass or distant hills or visible greenery on the mountains, and go from there.

Also, take breaks. Your brain needs rest, too.

June 25 2017


June 24 2017

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love them ❤

June 15 2017

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Are you following our hero Neil deGrasse Tyson on Instagram? If you aren’t you’re missing out sciencetastic revelations such as this busy moon doggo:

“Possible origin of #Moon craters… 😂”
Via @planetarysociety


June 14 2017


We hadn't gone back to the print shop


but had wandered down by the river, enjoying the coolness of the night air and chatting about the young couples and the excitements of the day.

“I imagine their nights are bein’ a bit more exciting still,” Jamie remarked. “Reckon the lassies will be sore come morning, poor wee things.”

“Oh, it may not be just the girls,” I said, and he sniffed with amusement.

“Aye, well, ye may be right about that. I seem to recall wakin’ the next morning after our wedding and wondering for a moment whether I’d been in a fight. Then I saw you in the bed wi’ me and knew I had.”


“Didn’t slow you down any,” I remarked, dodging a pale stone in my path. “I seem to recall being rather rudely awakened next morning.”

“Rude? I was verra gentle with ye. More than ye were with me,” he added, a distinct grin in his voice. “I told Ian so.”

“You told Ian what?”

“Well, he wanted advice, and so I –”

Advice? Ian?

“Aye. He wanted to know how to deal kindly wi’ Rachel, her bein’ virgin. Something new to him,” he added wryly.

I laughed.

“Well, they’ll be having an interesting night of it, then – all of them.” I told him about Dottie’s request in camp, Rachel’s advent, and our ad hoc session of premarital counseling.

“Ye told them what?” He snorted with amusement. “Ye make me say, ‘Oh, God’, all the time, Sassenach, and it’s mostly not to do wi’ bed at all.”


“I can’t help it if you’re naturally disposed to that expression,” I said. “You do say it in bed with no little frequency. You even said it on our wedding night. Repeatedly. I remember.”

“Well, little wonder, Sassenach, wi’ all the things ye did to me on our wedding night.”

“What I did to you?” I said, indignant. “What on earth did I do to you?”

Ye bit me,” he said instantly.


“Oh, I did not! Where?”

“Here and there,” he said evasively, and I elbowed him. “Oh, all right – ye bit me on the lip when I kissed ye.”

“I don’t recall doing that at all,” I said eyeing him. His features were invisible, but the moonglow off the water as he walked cast his bold, straight-nosed profile in silhouette.

“I remember you kissing me for quite a long time while you were trying to unbutton my gown, but I’m sure I didn’t bite you then.”

“No,” he said thoughtfully, and ran a hand lightly down my back. “It was later. After I went out to fetch ye some food, and Rupert and Murtagh and the rest all chaffed me. I know, because it was when I drank some o’ the wine I’d fetched back, I noticed it burned the cut in my lip. And I bedded ye again before I got round to the wine, so it must ha’ been that time.”


“Ha,” I said. “By that time, you wouldn’t have noticed if I’d bitten your head off like a praying mantis. You’d got it properly up your nose and thought you knew everything.”

He put an arm round my shoulders, pulled me close, and whispered in my ear, “I’d got it properly up you, a nighean. And ye weren’t noticing all that much yourself, besides what was goin’ on between your legs.”


“Rather hard to ignore that sort of carry-on,” I said primly.

He gave the breath of a laugh and, stopping under a tree, gathered me in and kissed me. He had a lovely soft mouth.


“Well, I willna deny ye taught me my business, Sassenach,” he murmured. “And ye made a good job of it.”

“You caught on reasonably quickly,” I said. “Natural talent, I suppose.”

“If it was a matter of special training, Sassenach, the human race would ha’ died out long since.” He kissed me again, taking more time over it.

“D’ ye think Denny kens what he’s about?” he asked, letting go. “He’s a virtuous wee man, aye?”

“Oh, I’m sure he knows everything he needs to,” I protested. “He’s a physician, after all.”

Jamie gave a cynical laugh.

“Aye. While he may see the odd whore now and then, it’s likely in the way of his profession, not hers. Besides…”

He moved close and, putting his hands through the pocket slits in my skirt, took a firm and interesting grip on my bottom. “Do they teach ye in medical college how to spread your wife’s wee hams and lick her from tailbone to navel?


“I didn’t teach you that one!”

“Indeed ye didn’t. And you’re a physician, no?”

“That – I’m sure that doesn’t make any sense. Are you drunk, Jamie?”


“Dinna ken,” he said, laughing. “But I’m sure you are, Sassenach. Let’s go home,” he whispered, leaning close and drawing his tongue up the side of my neck. “I want ye to make me say, ‘Oh, God,’ for ye.”

“That… could be arranged.” I’d cooled down during our walk, but the last five minutes had lit me like a candle, and if I’d wanted to go home and take off my stays before, I was now wondering whether I could wait that long.

“Good,” he said, pulling his hand out of my skirt. “And then I’ll see what I can make you say, mo nighean donn.”

See if you can make me say, ‘Don’t stop.’


– Chapter 94, Written in My Own Heart’s Blood

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outlander_starz Cuddle up! It’s another cold night in Scotland #BehindTheScenes #Outlander

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These two…

Trash for it.  Literally trash.  I don’t even gaf.  

Happy hump day to me.  And you.  And probably them.  

These two idiots.


I think my favorite is gorilla butt. She makes a good point.

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Arthur Curry the Aquaman
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#Turn and smolder

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@thr: ‘Big Little Lies’ Director on Tackling Domestic Abuse, Shooting “Real and Authentic” Fight Scenes (Q&A) [x] June 13, 2017

How tough were the fight scenes between Kidman and Alexander Skarsgard, who plays her husband?

Nicole, Alex and I all committed to this and wanted to be faithful to the material. There was some talking about how we were going to shoot this, but at the same time we wanted this to feel real and authentic. We [said], “Why don’t we shoot the rehearsals and see how it goes.” It was really violent. We tried to cut as little as possible and just shoot and capture as much as possible. It makes you feel uncomfortable watching it, and it feels messy because it’s not perfect — it doesn’t feel stagey. Our actors were willing to do that and go there. Sometimes they hurt themselves a bit, but never to a point where it was dangerous. That was the nature of the scenes, and I was impressed by what they did and how they did it. It had an impact on them and us all.

read more on hollywoodreporter.com

June 13 2017





I first learnt of the help the Choctaw Nation sent to Ireland during the famine when in secondary school.

Since then I was fascinated how a Native American tribe far far from Ireland could be so generous when they had their own problems.

A sculpture marking the help they gave us is being officially unveiled this weekend

I think it’s beautiful

This is absolutely beautiful. The story, the generosity, the sculpture. All of it. There was, there is and there will be good in this world.


US Preview Screening of Poldark S3


US Preview Screening of Poldark S3 ep 1

#Poldark  #PoldarkPBS   #AidanTurner     #EleanorTomlinson 

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